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Mobile Attendance App

Industry first Mobile attendance App with Face Recognition & GPS integrated with complete HR Software

Real-time Tracking

Mobile Attendance powered the user to clock in & out from anywhere using their Mobile. It uses GPS information ensuring the right employee is at the right place to work. Mobile attendance app built-in with face recognition technology to check & verify the employee face. So no need to worry about fake or buddy clocking.

Integrated System

The attendance information will be automatically uploaded into our cloud Time Attendance & Payroll Software to calculate the salary information.

Mobile Attendance itune Mobile Attendance playstore
Mobile Phone App
Tablet App. 20 employees / minute

Mobile Phone App Features

  • Face Recognition
  • GPS location captured
  • Geo fencing
    • Employees are allowed to do check-in only at the office or assigned location.
  • Kiosk mode
    • Employees can use supervisors phone to do clocking
  • Project details can be recorded
  • Both iOS & Android App available
  • Real time attendance can be viewed from Info-techcloud HR portal

Tablet App Features

  • Tablet App
  • Install the App at your Android / iOS Tablet
  • No need to buy expensive Fingerprint / Face readers
  • No worry about spare parts faulty
  • No need of technician to install
  • No need to call & wait for technicians for repair

Attendance Reports

Daily attendance report Staff details of time-in and time-out with location and selfie photo on daily basis
Individual attendance report Individual staff whole month time-in and time-out with location and selfie photo
Map View To view the employee clocking on the map