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Payroll Software

Infopay Hong Kong is a simple & user friendly payroll software to manage Hong Kong payroll calculation for employees.

Infopay is approved by MPF and Income Tax Calculation & most of the banks in Hong Kong for employee salary transfer (online bank Autopay). Our payroll software is packaged with leave functions which tracks employee’s Annual leave, Medical Leave, etc...

Employees can download Info-tech Mobile App in to their Android phone / iPhone and they will get Push notification once the payslip & Tax form is ready. Alternatively Pay slip can be printed on a sealed pay slip paper or can send via e-mail as PDF format with password protection.

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Employees can view their past months payslips. Options are available to direct print / share with password via e-mail or WhatsApp to get bank loan or other purposes.

Leave eligibility, taken & balance details will be available on the pay slip. Options are availabe for the HR Managers to print the Pay slip sealed pay slip paper or can send via e-mail as PDF format with password protection.

Payroll Software Features

Payroll Basic Leave & Staff Matters Tools Payroll Reports
Mobile pay slip AL/MC & other leaves Employment Pass Expiry Reminder via e-mail Customise your own report
Email pay slip with password Leave edibility based on join date/ financial year Multiple Company Support Export ready to excel, pdf and word
MPF Calculation Up to date leave Prorate option available Automatic Backup Monthly payroll summary
Online Bank Autopay Unpaid leave auto deduct from salary Concurrent multi-user access Yearly to date summary
Income Tax Deduction Medical claim monitor Audit trial function Reconciliation/salary comparison report
IR56E, IR56B/ IR56F/ IR56G forms Custom Leaves Locking the payroll period Overtime summary report
Monthly / Bi-Monthly / Weekly/ Daily / Hourly Pay Children details Staff bonus proposal Head count report
Staff Self Service App Staff increment proposal Employee bio-data with photo
  • Multi Company & Multi User:Multiple companies & multiple users can be created. Different user can have specific access rights.
  • MPF:  MPF details can be generated to trustees supported forms without any manual input & calculation.
  • Pay Slip: Employee's can view their payslip in their Info-tech Mobile App. HR managers can print it on normal paper or sealed payslip paper as well. Pay slip shows employee’s basic salary, overtime, statutory contributions/ deductions, additions, deductions, leave taken & balances.
  • E-mail Payslip:  Password protected payslip can sent all the employees in a single click.
  • Bank Autopay Salary:  Employee’s salary details can link online to most of the banks in UAE.
  • Income Tax : Automatic generation of IR56E, IR56B/ IR56F/ IR56G forms with online submission options
  • Automated Backup: System will do automatic backup at the scheduled timing. No need to worry about forgetting of back up.
  • Audit Trail :  The user activities, salary adjustment made are recorded as audit trail. Master user can view back other user activities within the payroll system as audit trial report.
  • Custom Report Writer: Just drag & drop your required fields to generate detail / summary report.
  • Staff Documents: Employee’s NRIC, Employment Pass, training certificates, etc… can be uploaded into the system which can be viewed & printable any time.
  • Career History: Employee’s past salary history, promotions, previous company experience etc… is automatically recorded.
  • Staff Training: Staff’s training particulars like course name, institution, fee, subsidy details, etc… can be recorded.
  • Staff Loan: Some employee’s may take company loan and would like to repay in few months instalment. Once created the system will auto deduct the monthly instalment from salary
  • Staff Training: Employee’s training details like Course detail, type of training, number of days, achievement (certificates), training cost, subsidy details, remainder for subsidy claim.
  • Staff Appraisal: HR Manger can create customizable appraisal templates for different group of staffs. Appraisal entry & recommendation can be done by the managers via our e-Appraisal portal.
  • Staff Insurance: Employee’s group insurance from the company or their personal insurance details with coverage, premium & expiry date.
  • Staff Accident: Accident details if any which happened within the company premises or outside of the company.

Leave Module

  • Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Unpaid Leave, Maternity Leave, etc can be applied
  • Leave Eligibility can be set for different group of employees.
  • Annual leave & Medical Leave earned until today will be prorated automatically.
  • At end of the year Annual Leaves can be carry forwarded to next year.
  • Leave History & Leave consolidate report to view all kind of leaves taken.

HR Software Functions

Our Payroll software built-in with below HR Software functions. All the HR module activities can be managed in a single interface which makes our software more powerful.

Staff Personal Particulars Carrier History Details Customisable Staff Appraisal Staff Accident Details
Staff Training Module Mail Merge – Create appointments, increment letters etc. Upload staff documents Company items holding (laptop, keys etc)
Training Reminder Staff loan – Auto deduction Staff insurance

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