Project Costing Software

Running on projects? Compute your project cost and be on top of the man-hours and costs spent.

Project Cost Software is a cloud based software which captures the employees’ time spent on each project using mobile app / biometric machines and compute the project costing based on their salaries & payroll benefits.

Key Features
These essentials will help you to manage your project costs better.
Actual Time Spent Capturing

Captures actual time spent for every job by an individual staff.

Capture Multiple Job Details

Capable to capture multiple job details for one staff on a same day.

Monthly Reports

Monthly Man Hour Report & Monthly Wages Report.

Project Summary

Monthly & Yearly Project Summary reports

Time Comparison Report

Comparison report for targeted hour & actual hour taken for a project or job.

Cost Comparison Report

Comparison report for estimated cost & actual cost incurred for a project or job.

Job Cost System Architecture

Our Job Cost System is built-up with three levels of architecture. i.e. A company may have many projects and every project is divided into some groupings (i.e. Job group) and each sub-group can be divided into many small jobs.

Highly helpful to companies running on project basis.
Our Project Costing Software helps to track and compute the time and cost spent to run projects. At project completion, our system will be able to provide reports for total man-hour spent for this project and total cost spent for this project.